Monday, July 24, 2017

My 5 BIGGEST pet peeves when buying makeup

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Hello beautiful people!

How is everybody doing? I hope you all had an amazing weekend. For today, I was thinking to share with you my biggest pet peeves when it comes to buy makeup. I am sure you will find yourself in at least one of these situations. Keep on reading!

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1. Empty shelves 
I am a beauty addict, I shop for makeup everywhere, from Sephora, to ULTA, Nordstrom, department stores, to Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, other drug stores, to TJ MAXX, Marshall's, you name it - I don't discriminate. It is so annoying to see empty shelves, especially if you want to buy a certain product. You don't want to do business with me?! Fine! I am going elsewhere! This happened to me mostly at Wal-Mart, Target, even ULTA.

2. Opened/ Used products
I hate to buy a product that I got so excited for and later discover that it was opened and swatched. First of all, this is RUDE to me as your fellow consumer and shopper. I see people all the time swatching things and putting them back on the shelf and this makes me so mad. Do you expect me to buy that product after seeing you do that?! Better yet, would you buy a product if you saw it was swatched/ used? I guess NOT! Secondly, it's NOT SANITARY - imagine a face cream that was opened before - I don't know for how long that product has been open, the air already got to it, somebody stuck their dirty fingers in it, or a swatched lipstick looking like a baby chew on it - NO, NO, NO sir! I know most of the drugstores or superstores don't have testers, but please, please, please be considerate to your fellow shoppers, don't open that product, be an informed consumer, inform yourself before purchasing that product, look for swatches, know what suits your skin tone, anybody has a phone on them these days, do a minimal research, don't just use it and put it back on the shelf, at least have the decency if you like that product that you opened and swatched to buy it, it's common sense. Also, I can't stand dirty shelves - dirty with swatches of foundation, lipstick, nail polish - it's just not cool man, not cool. I've seen this numerous times at Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, ULTA, TJ MAXX, Marshall's and learned my lesson.

3. Annoying and pushy sales associates
Usually when I go in Sephora, Ulta or department stores I know exactly what I want - I came with my lesson learned - this helps me save so much money, because if I would buy anything that my heart desires that bill would be looooong, looooong. I don't like it at all when I just stepped into a makeup store and I already got somebody following me around, annoying me. I know you need your commission and I am happy to give it to you, but let me enjoy my shopping experience, let me savor every moment, let me see what's new, if I am going to need a makeup touch-up I will let you know, if I will need your help, I will always ask for it, but please just don't breathe on my neck. This is one of the main reasons that I decided to move my business online and to do my shopping there.

4. Poor customer service
I don't like to be assaulted as soon as I set foot into your store, but to be completely ignored by you, it's something that I can't tolerate either. I had situations where I was asking for help and I was completely ignored, or left there to hang dry or I met sales associates that were uninformed about certain products, even though I always tell them everything - this saves us both time - my skin type and needs, what colors I prefer, what suits my skin tone, what fragrances I like - I still got poor recommendations (and I am being generous here), I still got recommended wrong products.  I am a very pacifist in my attitude and I always offer the benefit of the doubt, but even I have a limit and won't tolerate rudeness, stuck up attitude and the absolute lack of knowledge about your job. I am out the door baby, just like Roadrunner trying to escape from Coyote Ugly.

5. Questionable returns
I for one, don't like returning products once I've bought them. I don't like it. Period. But, there are some situations when that product was so bad for me, that I have to return it, there's no other way. Even though a lot of companies claim to have a "Hassle free return policy", it happened to me a few times to be questioned tighter than at a FBI examination (especially department stores).

"- Why the product did not work for you?" 
(Because, you recommended me the complete opposite of what I explained you!),

"- Did you try it long enough?" 
(Yes, I did and now my face looks like a meteor shower of pimples, thank you so much.),

"- Would you like to buy something else?" 
(Oh yes, please, let me buy another expensive product with my hard earned money, so I can return it afterwards, such a pleasure to see you all the time, will make this our regular thing, when every three weeks we can see each other and braid each others hair. NOT!!!)

"- Why do you want to return this? I see that it suits you perfectly"
(No kidding?! If you can make this three shades darker foundation work for me I'll give you my whole fortune. By the way, that foundation also oxidized on me, so I looked like somebody forgot me in the tanning booth for a few hours.)

"- Everybody loves this perfume. It's so popular now."
(Everybody, but me, apparently. The scent lasted on my body for a freaking hour and gone in the wind it was, just like my top dollars from my wallet.)

Now let me hear you, my dear readers, what annoying situations have you stumbled upon when buying unicorn dust?


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