Monday, November 16, 2015

Hello everybody!

Every now and then I like to step out of my comfort zone and try something new; either I am trying a new makeup look, an edgy outfit or a new hairstyle, I like to challenge my own self. Speaking of hair, you'll never know what I've tried. Can you guess? Let me give you a hint with a little story.

I have naturally curly hair and over the years I have played with its length, I have never had that short boysh hair, I really like my hair at least medium length. Due to the fact that I live in an area with a lot of humidity, my hair has now a life on its own, it's frizzy, very unruly, dry, I kinda lost the definition of my curls. Trust me, I did try a lot of products, everything looks amazing on me for about 2 hours, then the nightmare is back. So, at this point I don't even care anymore about the stack of hay on my head, but, boy was I dreaming about some big bouncy wavy curls, you know those that you see in commercials or magazines.

Incidentally, a few moths ago I was contacted by a lovely company called Irresistible Me, which invited me to test their products. The name sounded familiar and, after a few searches I remembered why, it was because of Nee (aka Bebexo), one of my favorite Youtubers, she used their products on her own hairstyle tutorials. 

The company Irresistible Me is ”a growing brand of 100% natural Remy clip-in hair extensions, hair accessories and hair tools. Irresistible Me specializes in high quality extensions at great prices.”

So, by this time, you have probably guessed - I have tried hair extensions, something completely new to me. As I was a total newbie at this, I just want to say ”A BIG thanks!” to the amazing PR girl who was unbelievable patient with me and so kind in guiding me through the process of ordering the right extensions. 

Here are some tips that I have received and like to pass them on to you as well:
- watch this video, not only you'll get familiar with the two types of extensions that the company offers - Silky Touch and Royal Remy, but also you'll see all the colors side by side (and they have quite a big color selection) so that you can compare and see the differences. In this way, you'll be able to choose the color that matches your hair easily.
- when it comes to the length of your extensions, remember a basic rule: The longer the hair, the bigger the weight should be selected.” The weight of the extensions (100g, 140g, 200g) refers to the total weight of the hair you will order without the clips attached, so keep in mind that the thickness of the hair is relative to both the weight and the length you choose: a 14" 200g  piece will look thicker than 24" 200g.

All this being said, I have ordered the Royal Remy Clip-in extensions in Ash Blonde - 24 inches, 200 g. At that time my hair was quite long (more than 24 inches) and not colored.

Irresistible Me, Hair Extensions, Reviews

The extensions arrived surprisingly in only 3 days (considering that fact that they are shipped from China), but due to a glitch with FedEx I got them 2 days later. I really like the box in which they came, it's so cute and feminine.

Love this message, don't you?

Irresistible Me, Hair Extensions, Reviews

I was so curious to check them out, I was so anxious to try them. As I opened the box, I have noticed the ”Open this side first” section, where there are a few useful tips to test if you made the correct choice ordering the right extensions, before opening the rest of the package. Then, I saw the extensions nicely packed and organized. As I was pulling them out, I said to myself: ”Wow, that is a LOT of hair!”
I have received 10 pieces: 1 pc of 3 clips (8''), 2 pcs of 3 clips (6"), 5 pcs of 2 clips (4") and 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.5"). My main fear was clipping the extensions to my own hair, but if a newbie like me did it, you can do it too (praise the awesome Youtube for that!).

Irresistible Me, Hair Extensions, Reviews

Irresistible Me, Hair Extensions, Reviews

So, to clip or not to clip? Here are a few thoughts!

As I was so curious to play with my extensions, the next day I tested them. The chosen color in ”Ash Blonde” matched my natural hair beautifully, the length of 24" was perfect. As I was testing the extensions, I have noticed that the hair has such a beautiful soft, silky texture that I could comb easily before applying it. One thing I did notice, the hair smells a bit differently. The application went smoothly, it was just like a kid's play, clip and you are done. I did attach all my 10 received pieces and you could tell how my confidence level was going up, I had such a full, rocking new hair, that it would make any hair model envious.

I felt comfortable wearing the extensions, I did not feel any heaviness on my head. Also, they came off easily. When I chose to style them, it was a bit of work for me - long, thick hair - imagine I wanted to curl it all, but I did it eventually. As I was curling my hair, I have noticed that a few strands of hair did remain on my barrel, so I lowered the temperature. My curls looked beautiful and lasted throughout the day without using any hair products. I did not wash my extensions yet, so I cannot give you information about that aspect, but the PR lady that I have been in contact with since the beginning was kind to offer me some useful intructions that I will keep in mind.

On my birthday month, I decided to try something completely different to my hair, so I did cut and colored it (for the first time!). What are you gonna see in the pictures down below is how these extensions work on my new hair now. In these pictures, I did not use all of the extensions, as my hair got shorter, I don't feel the need to do it anymore. Also, I curled them. I really like this color in Ash Blonde and I am seriously thinking to do it as my next coloring color. What do you think?

Irresistible Me, Hair Extensions, Reviews

Irresistible Me, Hair Extensions, Reviews

In conclusion, this was such a fun experience playing for the first time with hair extensions and I am very happy that Irresistible Me gave the opportunity to do it. I really like my Royal Remy Clip-in extensions and if you are looking for high quality human hair extensions, you should check them out. I am planning to use them a lot from now on!

Have you ever used hair extensions? Do you like them?

If you are in the market for high quality human hair extensions, then you should definitely look into Irresistable Me! I am so impressed by the quality of their products and I can tell that I will be getting a lot of usage from my new extensions! Check them out at:                  - See more at:

If you are in the market for high quality human hair extensions, then you should definitely look into Irresistable Me! I am so impressed by the quality of their products and I can tell that I will be getting a lot of usage from my new extensions! Check them out at:                  - See more at:

Disclaimer: I received all these products complimentary from Irresistible Me for testing and review purposes, that did not affect my truthful and honest opinion.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hello everybody!

We meet again my dear readers in the sweet month of November and this time you'll find me talking about my favorite makeup product in the entire world - yes - THE ALMIGHTY LIPSTICK.
Inheriting this passion (now transformed into a real addiction) from my mom who can rock a lipstick anytime and who in her entire life has never used any other makeup product, my passion for lipsticks began when I was just a kid as I was watching her putting on lipstick and I was counting down the days when I would do the same. I was fascinated about that little stick who can just transform you from an ordinary person into a princess.

The lipstick for me  is not just a makeup product, an object, the lipstick is a part of me. When I have days when I might look like a zombie, or just a gloomy one, putting on lipstick makes me feel simply amazing. When I put my lipstick on, I feel like I rule the world. All my lipstick lovers out there, you know what I am talking about, others may consider me crazy or superficial. I don't care! Love me or hate me, this is ME!

In today's post I am beyond excited to show you and talk about my absolute favorite VoxBox received from Influenster so far - the Yves Saint Laurent VoxBox. If you don't know what Influenster is, let me tell you that Influenster is an exclusive online community of over 1.5 million social savvy shoppers that stay on top of the latest product news and expert tips, review products, share honest opinions with brands and the community and test products for free based on their social media influence. Sounds exciting, right?

Influenster Yves Saint Laurent VoxBox

Influenster Yves Saint Laurent VoxBox (2) 

If you follow me on Instagram, I was teasing you with a sneak peek of the content of this box a while back. Well, inside the black elegant box there were two Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks from the Rouge Pur Couture collection, one in number 9 ”Rose Stiletto” and one in number 19 - ”Fuchsia”.

Influenster Yves Saint Laurent VoxBox (3)

To say that I was mega happy and grateful for being chosen from so many great Influenster members out there to test these products is an understatement. Are you kidding me? Lipsticks? Better yet? YSL lipsticks?

As a lipstick addict and lover, I am proud to say that I do own a few YSL lipsticks and the quality of these products never failed my expectations. That is why when I want to splurge, YSL is one of my top three brands that I like to go for, definitely deserves every penny of those $36.

The two received lipsticks from the Rouge Pur Couture collection confirmed what I expected from the brand: high quality all the way through.

Better yet, let's see them in action!

YSL Rouge Pur Couture in no. 9 Rose Stiletto - Rally's Beauty Highway

The Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in  number 9 ”Rose Stiletto” is a rich berry rose - the perfect fall shade. Elegant and sumptuous, this lipstick matches my skin tone perfectly. It's a classic shade that you can never go wrong with, I can wear it both as a day time makeup as well as a night one. It feels so comfortable on my lips, it's like I was touched by a rose petal.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture in no. 19 Fuchsia - Rally's Beauty Highway

When I first saw the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in number 19 - ”Fuchsia” - magenta purple - I said ”Wow, now you're talking!”. Having such a fair complexion, you know me, I would never say ”no” to a bold color, because I like rocking a bold lipstick and this one is exactly what I needed. I received so many compliments wearing this lipstick, that one day I was literally walking on sunshine. Need to make a statement? This lipstick is on point!

I would like to sum up now with some essential facts that I've noticed wearing these lipsticks:

  • luxurious packaging - hands down to YSL for this packaging, the lipstick itself is a masterpiece
  • great smell - all those YSL lovers out there will recognize the unmistakable smell of this lipstick
  • easy application - both lipsticks glided smoothly on my lips
  • great coverage without any effort - I can really achieve great coverage with only one stripe/ application, but you can build it up as you desire
  • rich pigmentation - both lipsticks are great when it comes to pigmentation
  • long wearing”Rose Stiletto” stayed on me for about good long 6 hours, meanwhile ”Fuchsia” resisted more than 8 hours
  • small transfer when I was eating and drinking 

Both lipsticks match my skin tone very wellfeel so comfortable on my lips, they are creamymoisturizing (do not dry my lips all day long), do not bleed and let me tell you a secret I did not wear any lip liner, not to mention that beautiful satin radiance finish that brought me so many compliments. As I told you before, the lipsticks confirmed the quality that I have expected from the brand.

A very, very subjective conclusion the Influenster Yves Saint Laurent VoxBox was my favorite VoxBox so far, the ”little” lipstick addict inside me sure enjoyed playing with these jewels. 

What do you think about Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks? Do you own any? Which ones are your favorites?


Disclaimer: I received all these products complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes, that did not affect my truthful and honest opinion.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Hello everybody! Bună tuturor!

I know it may sound like a cliché, but take my word when I say that I didn't even realize when October was just around the corner. This month is by far my favorite for two simple reasons (very subjective indeed!): one - this is the most beautiful Fall month and two - it is my birthday month. As every birthday comes with wishes, surprises and presents/gifts, I was thinking to show you what I would like to receive for my birthday.

There are so many temptations out there, so many new launched collections, that my undecided Libra nature was strongly tested, it was so hard to decide (trust me, the struggle was real!).
Let's discover together!

Știu că sună rău a clișeu, dar credeți-mă pe cuvânt când vă spun că nici nu am realizat bine când m-am pomenit cu luna Octombrie la ușă. Această lună este fără dar și poate luna mea de suflet din două motive: (foarte subiective de altfel!): unul - e cea mai frumoasă lună a toamnei și al doilea - e luna în care îmi sărbătoresc ziua de naștere. Și, cum orice zi de naștere vine cu dorințe, surprize și cadouri, m-am gândit să vă arăt cam ce mi-aș dori eu să primesc de ziua mea.

Dintre atâtea colecții nou apărute și atâtea tentații mi-a fost tare greu să mă opresc doar la câteva, știți doar cât de nehotărâtă sunt, însă, până la urmă m-am decis.

Așadar, să descoperim împreună!

It has already become a tradition for me every year to get the Sephora Favorites ”Give Me More Lip” set and this year I couldn't be more excited for. Look at all those lipsticks! I can't wait to play with them!
A devenit deja o tradiție ca în fiecare an să primesc setul de rujuri Sephora Favorites ”Give Me More Lip”, iar ediția de anul acesta arată într-un mare fel. Uitați-vă și voi la acele frumuseți! De abia aștept să mă joc cu ele!

Brace yourselves, there are a few lipstick sets that are coming next!

Țineți-vă bine, am mai pus ochii pe câteva seturi cu rujuri!

Last year, I discovered the Kat Von D lipgloss in ”Outlaw” and I really liked it, the quality was great, so I would love to try more lip products from her brand. I think the Kat Von D ”Mi Vida Loca Remix Studded Kiss Lip” set is just right what I need.

Anul trecut am descoperit lipglossul în nuanța ”Outlaw” de la Kat Von D și mi-a plăcut tare mult, calitatea este extraordinară, așa că mi-a rămas gândul la produsele ei pentru buze. Mi-ar plăcea să încerc mai multe, iar acest set Kat Von D ”Mi Vida Loca Remix Studded Kiss Lip” este exact ce am nevoie.

When I saw this Marc Jacobs Beauty - ”The Sofia - Five Piece Petites Le Marc Lip Crème Collection” - set, it was love at first sight. I've heard so many good things about Marc Jacobs lipsticks that I had to add this on my birthday list too.

Atunci când am văzut setul de la Marc Jacobs Beauty - ”The Sofia - Five Piece Petites Le Marc Lip Crème Collection” a fost dragoste la prima vedere. Am auzit atâtea lucruri bune despre rujurile Marc Jacobs, încât musai a trebuit să adaug și acest set pe listă.

Lately, I have found another makeup related love - blushes - as I learned how to bring my cheeks to life. I do have a few in my collection, but I'm really dreaming about the luxurious limited edition Hourglass ”Ambient Lighting Edit” palette. The only thing that is really a setback for me is the price - $80, I don't know if I would like to pay that much for this product.

În ultima vreme am descoperit că am făcut o nouă pasiune pentru un alt produs de machiaj, și anume blushurile. Îmi place atât de mult când obrajii mei prind viață, așa că mi-am creat o mini-colecție. Mi-ar plăcea să adaug colecției mele o piesă luxoasă în ediție limitată de la Hourglass - paleta ”Ambient Lighting Edit”, însă prețul piperat mă cam ține pe loc $80 (aproximativ 320 lei).

The Benefit ”Real Cheeky Party Blushing Beauty” kit caught my eyes too. I love the quality of Benefit products and I really would love to add this kit to my collection.

Îmi plac mult produsele Benefit, calitatea lor este incontestabilă, asa că mi-a făcut cu ochiul acest kit de blushuri Benefit ”Real Cheeky Party Blushing Beauty”, pe care mi l-aș dori în colecția mea.

Moving on from the makeup/cosmetics related wish list, I think it is time for an upgrade - a new DSLR camera. I had this camera numerous times on my wish lists, but I was postponing because I wasn't sure what should I get. If you do have some suggestions for me regarding a good DSLR camera for beginners, please leave them in the comments section below. It would be greatly appreciated!

Îndepărtându-ne puțin de sfera produselor de machiaj și a cosmeticelor, cred că acum este momentul pentru o nouă cameră foto, și anume o cameră DSLR. Îmi doresc de multă vreme să-mi achiziționez una, dar am tot amânat din simplul motiv că nu am știut pur și simplu ce să aleg. Prieteni într-ale bloggingului și fotografiei, vă rog ajutați-mă! Voi ce aparate folosiți? Ce mi-ați recomanda? V-aș fi foarte recunoscătoare pentru sfaturi!

I love clothing, but this year all I want are some ... PJ's, something cute and girly, something comfy that I can spend my lazy days in and will make my sleep even more enjoyable.

În plac mult și hainele, însă anul acesta îmi doresc doar niște ... pijamale drăguțe și feminine, comode, ceva în ce aș putea să lenevesc toată ziua și în care aș putea să dorm mai bine.

In the end, I just want to wish to all my beautiful Libras out there a happy and blessed birthday! May your day be full of sunshine, joy and love! 

Pe final aș vrea să transmit tuturor Balanțelor mele frumoase de oriunde v-ați afla, un sincer ”La Mulți Ani!”. Să aveți parte de o zi minunată, să fiți înconjurate de numai persoane frumoase, multă bucurie, dragoste și cât mai multe dorințe îndeplinite!

Yours,                                                                                                          A voastră,
Rally                                                                                                            Rally

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bună tuturor!

Am decis în postarea de astăzi să-mi deschid din nou sufletul în fața voastră, să vă vorbesc deschis despre viața mea din ultima vreme, despre blog și alte gânduri ce îmi trec prin minte. Da, am scris postarea în limba română, pentru că așa a început totul și, deși am un public internațional, am preferat să mă adresez astăzi celor care mă citesc în limba mea de origine. Vă invit să vă așezați comod și să mă citiți în cele ce urmează.

Stau adeseori și mă gândesc la cei 3 ani de când am început să scriu pe acest blog, timp în care am descoperit atâtea lucruri minunate, oameni cu suflete frumoase, am învățat să acord o mai mare atenție tenului și corpului meu, m-am perfecționat în arta machiajului și nu pot să nu observ că, deși mai am încă foarte multe de spus și de arătat pe blog, locului acesta îi cam lipsesc postările în ultima vreme.

După cum bine știți, am preferat sa las blogul puțin în umbră atunci când am decis să-mi concentrez majoritatea timpului pe partea profesională și nu regret că am luat această decizie. Sunt foarte recunoscătoare pentru că am posibilitatea de a mă exprima pe acest blog, de a scrie și a vă informa despre diverse produse de frumusețe, și nu numai. Eu am început acest blog din pasiune și pentru că am simțit nevoia că am o părere pertinentă de afirmat, însă de puține ori pasiunile îți dau și de mâncare, pentru că vrând-nevrând cam totul se reduce în ziua de azi la acea ”mică roată care învârte lumea toată”. Sunt puține cazuri ce-i drept, și acele persoane au parte de tot respectul meu, unde pasiunile s-au transformat în afaceri de real succes. Și, cum nu m-am născut cu lingură de aur la gură, să stau toată ziua în vârful patului, să-mi învârt cosițele aurii pe degete, sau să dau din gene să-mi mai vâre tăticul niște bănuți în cont, sau să stau toată ziua pe Instagram să mă pozez din locuri exotice, și nici într-o țară unde să ți se acorde oportunități reale, am luat-o de la zero într-altă parte și sunt mândră de asta. Aș mai face-o de ”n” ori dacă aș ști că rezultatul este acela pe care mi-l doresc.

M-am concentrat așadar pe partea profesională și am scris pe blog atunci când am simțit nevoia, de aceea și postările rare din ultima vreme. Nu am să dau vina pe timp (deși aș putea), căci am observat că atunci când vrei cu adevărat, se găsește și timp. Vreau să vă mulțumesc mult de tot tuturor celor care mi-ați scris și m-ați întrebat ce mai fac, aceste gânduri sunt și pentru voi. Poate voi nu știați asta, dar eu sunt un om care pune o mare presiune pe sine. Pregătesc postări și cu câteva săptămâni înainte și dacă nu ies perfect, așa cum îmi doresc, nu le mai public. Am destule astfel de exemple care zac în secțiunea de ”Mesaje nefinalizate” a blogului sau le-am șters pur și simplu, refac pozele și de zece ori până captez ceea ce consider a fi esențial, testez, testez și iar testez cu lunile un produs înainte de publica un review, citesc, citesc și iar citesc, mă informez înainte de a scrie despre un produs, eveniment, colecție nouă lansată. Poate că acest perfecționism exagerat al meu mi-a fost mai mult dăunător, decât benefic, și cred că ar fi timpul să nu mai pun atâta presiune pe mine și să o las mai moale.

Un lucru e sigur, am să vă ofer în continuare păreri sincere și pertinente despre tot ceea ce va apărea pe blog, ca și până acum. Poate voi scrie mai des, poate voi scrie mai rar, dar mereu o voi face din inimă, căci eu scriu atunci când mă simt inspirată pe deplin, când simt că am cu adevărat ceva de spus. Nu am scris și nu voi scrie la comandă, doar să mai umplu spațiu, doar ca să mă aflu în treabă. Timpul este unul de neprețuit și ar fi bine ca fiecare dintre noi să învețe să și-l dozeze mai bine.

Vă mulțumesc încă o dată că vă rupeți din timpul vostru să mă urmăriți și citiți!

A voastră,

Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello everybody!

As we are welcoming a new summer month, August, I was thinking that it is time to show you my summer essentials. It was extremely hard for me to choose from a bunch of products that I use on a daily basis (hey, I am an undecisive Libra, cut me some slack here!), but I named this post ”summer essentials” not for nothing and I am planning to stick to those ”essentials”.

Summer essentials, cosmetics

  • Zico Premium Coconut Water - it is my favorite drink this summer. I love the fact that it is such a refreshing and healthy drink (650 mg potassium and only 90 calories per bottle). My favorite flavors are Pineapple and Watermelon Raspberry. Don't forget to always stay hydrated!
  • Now remember, I like to stay hydrated inside my body, but what about outside? This Evian facial spray quickly became my favorite, it helps me keep my face hydrated, fresh and purified, not to mention that it is great for fixing my make-up, or help me calm my iritated skin after shaving my legs. The Evian natural mineral water benefits from a balanced mineral content, it's pH neutral and works great on my sensitive combination skin. As a matter of fact I am using it as we speak.
  • Maybe you remember the Paula's Choice Hydraligh Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex (with SPF 30) face cream from my birthday haul, when, after reading so many good reviews about this product, I've decided to purchase it. I am congratulating myself for this decision, because I absolutely love this face cream. Its light texture absorbs easily into my skin, keeping it hydrated, shine-free and protected against the sun every day. It does not apply with stripes and does not makes my skin even whiter, like a ghost, as it happened to me before using other creams that had built in SPF, my skin is smooth and radiant, long story short, it is just perfect for my sensitive combination skin.
  • For my body, I like to use the Bioderma ”Invisible mist” Photoderm Bronz with SPF 50. I have tried many products in order to protect my body against the sun damage as I have a very fair skin complexion that burns easily, many moles, freckles, so to me SPF 50 and higher is a must. No product worked as great as this one! It does apply so easy and convenient, it has a discreet smell, does not contain alcohol as many sun-protecting products do (hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic) and has a light, non greasy, non sticky formula that absorbs easily into my skin. Not only my skin is hydrated, but it does offer me that piece of mind knowing my skin is safe and protected against the sun. I am using it all year long, as you may read my post about protecting your skin in the fall and winter too.
  • Last, but not least - my favorite lip product this summer is the Tarte Lip Surgence lip gloss in the shade ”Flush”, that I have received it in my FabFitFun box. It was hard to choose from so many great products, you know my addiction  passion for lip products, but this lip gloss is just perfect for summer. It does have the perfect pink shade that matches perfectly my skin tone, it gives me a pop of color with a subtle shine, the formula  is a bit tacky, but feels very comfortable on my lips and lasts on me for more than three hours, which is great for a lip gloss. I also love the fact that my lips stay hydrated and soft when I am wearing this product. I just love my ”Flush” lip gloss!

Now that you've seen my summer essentials, tell me about yours! Which are those products you've been using the most this summer?


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by FabFitFun via Bloggin' Mamas. I received all these products for free for testing and review purposes, that did not affect my truthful and honest opinions. Images in this post are my own.

Hello everybody!

There is nothing that I love more than a pleasant surprise! Give me a lipstick (yes, I don't ask for more!) and you made me the happiest girl in the city. Give me a box full of goodies and you made me the happiest girl in the world. One afternoon as I exited the elevator, I noticed that something was waiting for me at my door. I was approaching curiously and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the big FabFitFun Summer Box. I need to apologize to my neighbors for all those loud squeaks and weird dancing moves in the hallway, sorry everybody, this is how a kid like me rejoices when receives goodies.

This was such a wonderful surprise, as I was always wanting to see what's the hype about this box subscription. I have seen this box at my favorite youtubers and I was day dreaming that one day I am gonna try it myself too. And, yes, that day has come.

If you were wondering, FabFitFun is a quarterly box subscription, so you will have the possibility to purchase a box for each season, and as they like to say this box offers ”everything a woman needs to feel good from the inside out: from the latest and greatest in beauty, fitness, to diet and wellness.
Get Fit. Have Fun. Be Fabulous.”

As we are in the middle of the summer, let's discover what goodies I have received in my FabFitFun Summer Box!

FabFitFun, subscription box

FabFitFun, subscription box

  • Wren 14Kt Gold and Black Sapphire Necklace - it is such a beautiful and delicate jewelry that I instantly fell in love with. That black sapphire on the heart pendant gives it an exquisite touch. The jewerly retails for $100.
  • The Everyday Wireless Speaker by FabFitFun - this is an adorable wireless and portable speaker that goes with me on my beach escapades when I need to just look at the ocean and recollect my thoughts. Did I mention that is pink??? This cute speaker retails for $29.99.
  • Inkling Scents Sultry Roll-On Oil Perfume - it was love at first smell. I have received so many compliments wearing this perfume. I love the fact that it is alcohol-free, pure oil frangrance that lasts on me all day long, I can easily carry it in my purse and has my favorite blend of scents like sandalwood, white amber, lotus flower, orchid, Bulgarian rose and vanilla. This roll-on perfume retails for $25.
  • George ”I'll Make You Look Amazing” Daily Spray - I haven't heard about this brand before, but it does promise to make wonders for dry, coarse, frizzy hair and oh, boy, my hair needs a hand in this matter. I can't wait to see how it will work for me! This spray retails for $24.95.
  • Tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss - now go and please read the two phrases that I've started my post with. I bet you can see my happy dance now! I alsolutely love this product. I received the shade ”Flush” which quickly became my favorite summer lip product. This lip gloss retails for $19. 
  • FabFitFun x CosmoBody Jump Rope - this brought back so many childhood memories. Well, you may not know this but I was quite the rope-jumping champion. Great way to burn some calories too! I did test this rope and I still got my moves. Go figure! This rope retails for $14.
  • Scratch Nail Wraps - I really like the concept that stands behind this product - these are made with 5-free polish inks and have all kind of unique designs. I like mines and can't wait to wear them. These nail wraps retail for $12.
  • Headspace 3 -Month Subscription - I am not familiar with this app that ”takes you through a series of life-changing, guided meditations when you want, whenever you are”. Sounds very interesting, I am intrigued to see what is this. This subscrisption costs $38.85.
  • Hello Conjac Cleansing Sponge - it is a Korean product used to gently exfoliate and thoroughly cleanse pores. I have used a similar product in the past when my skin was ok, before my acne episode and it did work well. I am gonna try this product soon too, I am curious to see how it will work on my sensitive combination skin. This sponge retails for $12.
  • Sponsored item: Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturizer -  I am a big fan of Vaseline products and I've heard so many good things about this particular one, so I am excited to try it. This product retails for $7.99 and was offered as a bonus.
The grand total of this box is $275.79, not to mention the sponsored item ( + $7.99).  

FabFitFun, subscription box

As I was so excited to try this box for quite some time now, I can truly say that to me this box was a hit as I like all the featured products and find them useful on my daily activities. Whether I am gonna wear that beautiful Wren necklace on an outfit, listen to my favorite music on my cute pink wireless speaker while I'm jumping the rope, wearing that amazing ”Sultry” perfume or take care of my dry, frizzy hair using the George spray, wear my summer favorite lip gloss from Tarte, or having fun with nail designs from Scratch Nail Wraps, cleanse my face with the Conjac sponge or hydrate my skin with the Vaseline spray moisturizer, I think this box offers a great combination of beauty/cosmetics, health and fitness accessories at a great value.

Normally a FabFitFun box retails for $49.99, but look at the total value, more than $250 worth of products. 

If you were thinking to buy this box, maybe my post helped you make up your mind. Also, I have a surprise for you. I was offered a $10 off code (I am not affiliate with the brand, I do not receive any monetary compensation out of this code), so all you have to do is to head over to FabFitFun website and enter the code RALLY to save $10 off. Basically, you will get your FabFitFun Summer Box for $39.99. Awesome deal, isn't it?

Are you familiar with the FabFitFun box subscription? What do you think about this Summer Edition Box?


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by FabFitFun via Bloggin' Mamas. I received all these products for free for testing and review purposes, that did not affect my truthful and honest opinions. Images in this post are my own.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hello everybody! Bună tuturor!

Are you ready for another ”beauty empties” post? It has been a while since my last post, since I haven't showed you what cosmetics I have used up, so don't be scared by what are you going to see in the picture down below. Since I've taken these pictures, more empties are sitting in my basket, waiting anxiously to be photographed and showed to you.

Sunteți pregătiți pentru o nouă serie a ”produselor consumate”? Știu că v-a fost dor să vedeți ce produse am mai consumat. Ce e drept, a cam trecut o vreme de la ultima postare, așa că vă rog să nu vă speriați de ceea ce veți vedea în poza de mai jos. Între timp, s-au mai adunat destule astfel de produse care așteaptă cumințele să fie fotografiate și prezentate vouă.

Beauty, Cosmetics, Empties

As you already know, I have organized all my empties into a few categories, it is an easier way for me and hopefully for you as well to better find out more about these products, as I am presenting them to you through a mini-review.
Let's begin with the ”Face and lip care” category and discover what products I have used up so far!

Așa cum bine știți, ca de fiecare dată, am organizat toate aceste produse pe categorii, m-am gândit că este mai ușor pentru mine, dar și pentru voi să aflați cât mai multe despre aceste produse pe care vi le prezint sub forma unei mini recenzii.
Să începem așadar cu produsele consumate aflate în categoria ”Îngrijirii feței și a buzelor”!

Beauty, Cosmetics, Empties

  • The anti-redness make-up removal micellar solution Sensibio H2O AR from Bioderma is a fairly new product to European market (2013). I don't think that there is a human on this Planet that does not know about the famous original version of this product - the Sensibio H2O make-up removal micellar solution. Well, let me put it this way! Any beauty lover out there who likes to take a good care of her skin, needs to try this product. For me, the Sensibio H2O AR version - a product dedicated to redness-prone skin - or you know the situation with my skin - works just beautifully. I use this product daily to clean my face, either I'm wearing makeup or not. This is a product that has well formulated ingredients, cleans gently, but yet efficiently without leaving any sticky residues and since I have been using it I have noticed a significant reduction of my redness, not to mention that it's  perfect for removing your eyes makeup as well (yes, it is that gentle with my eye area). I must review it in detail for you guys!
  • The mini Beautiful Skin set from No. 7 (European brand that you can find it at Target) had 3 mini products dedicated to normal/ oily skin like a cleansing water, a day cream with SPF 15 and a night cream. I must confess, I did like these products and I was quite impressed with them. You need to know that these are hypo-allergenic products with a discreet smell that immediately adapted to my skin's needs. Even though these were just some tiny samples, I did get a good use out of them. The cleansing water left my skin clean and fresh, the face creams offered me a good amount of hydration without overcharging it (these creams have a light texture that absorbes into your skin right away).
  • The Apivita 24h moisturizing cream with chaste tree & honey  is an older ”friend” of mine which I have presented you on my first ”Products I've used up” post and turned out to be a real surprise for me, because it worked very well on my combination skin, even though it's recommended for normal/dry skin. What I've loved about this product is the fact that I was given the exact hydration that my skin needed without feeling my forehead and chin areas greasy.  
  • The anti-aggressions 24 hr antioxidant shield serum from Yves Rocher  is a product designed to protect and fight against environmental agressions, which oxidise the skin, with innovative ingredients like Moringa peptides. I have used this product mainly on my nightly skin care routine, this is a very light and hydrating product that did not overcharge my skin. When I woke up every morning, I felt my skin fresh, revitalized and I noticed that some of my fine lines were smoothed out. If you can get your hands on this product, this is definitely an absolute recommendation.
  • I have used the Nivea refreshing cleansing wipes to remove my makeup or any impurities gathered on my daily activities. I must confess, I am not a big fan of cleansing wipes, therefore I use them quite rarely. Although Nivea it's a brand that I love, these refreshing cleasing wipes were not to my liking. Even though these products were created for normal and combination skin types, I felt these a bit too harsh on my sensitive combination skin and my face was not deeply cleansed, I had to come later on with another product to remove the makeup residues.
  • My last used up product from the ”Face and lip care” category is the soothe and protect Nivea lip balm with SPF 15. Oh, I do love the Nivea lip balms and I have quite the collection. This particular product helped me maintain my lips hydrated, by soothing and protecting them with the SPF 15 (it receives a golden star from me!). I did love this product until its last ”drop”.

  • Soluția micelară Sensibio H2O AR de la Bioderma este un produs relativ nou pe piața europeană (anul 2013). Nu cred că este om pe Planetă care să nu fi aflat de faimoasa soluție micelară Sensibio H2O - varianta originală. Bine, reformulez! Orice persoană care are grijă de tenul ei ar trebui să cunoască acest produs. Pentru mine, versiunea Sensibio H2O AR - un produs formulat pentru pielea dispusă la roșeață - ori voi știți deja situația cu tenul meu - funcționează de minune, folosesc acest produs zilnic pentru a-mi curăța fața, fie că port machiaj sau nu. Este un produs bine formulat, ce imi curăță delicat, dar eficient tenul, fără a lăsa urme lipicioase, mi-a redus semnificativ roșeața, este perfect chiar și pentru machiajul ochilor, căci nu irită deloc sensibila zonă oculară. Trebuie să-i fac un review detaliat pe blog!
  • Mini setul Beautiful Skin de la No. 7 a conținut 3 produse dedicate tenului normal, dar și celui gras, și anume: o apă demachiantă, o cremă de zi cu SPF 15 și una de noapte. Drept să vă spun aceste produse mi-au fost pe plac și mi-au lăsat o impresie foarte bună. Sunt produse hipoalergenice, cu miros discret, care au făcut față cu brio tenului meu capricios, și, în ciuda gramajului de mostră testat, am reușit să le folosesc destul de bine și să-mi fac o idee despre ele. În timp ce apa demachiantă mi-a lăsat tenul curat și proaspăt, cremele pentru față mi-au hidratat în profunzime tenul, fără să-l încarce (textura lor este una foarte lejeră, care se absoarbe imediat în piele).
  • Crema de față hidratantă Apivita cu vitex și miere este o ”prietenă” mai veche de-a mea, pe care am mai prezentat-o și în prima postare a produselor consumate și care s-a dovedit a fi un produs care mi-a priit, deși este o cremă destinată pielii normale/ uscate. Ce mi-a plăcut mult la acest produs a fost faptul că i-a oferit tenului meu hidratarea de care avea nevoie fără să mă trezesc că pot prăji un ochi pe frunte sau în zona bărbiei.
  • Serumul antioxidant 24 ore de la Yves Rocher este un produs care vine să apere tenul de agresiunile din mediul înconjurător și are la bază ingrediente din plante, precum peptidele Moringa. Eu l-am folosit cu precădere în cadrul rutinei mele de seară, este un produs care nu încarcă tenul și se absoarbe cu ușurință în piele. Când mă trezeam în fiecare dimineață îmi simțeam fața revitalizată, fresh și am observat că unele linii fine fuseseră netezite. Un produs foarte bun pe care vi-l recomand!
  • Șervețelele demachiante revigorante Nivea le-am folosit cu precădere la îndepărtarea machiajului și a impurităților adunate de peste zi. Trebuie să recunosc, nu sunt un mare fan al șervețelelor demachiante, drept urmare nici nu le prea folosesc decât foarte rar. Aceste produse, deși se adresează tenului normal și mixt, nu au fost pe placul meu. Nu am simțit că fața mi-a fost curățată în profunzime și mi s-au părut prea agresive cu tenul meu sensibil.
  • Un ultim produs consumat din această categorie a fost balsamul de buze Nivea. Iubesc balsamurile de buze Nivea, am o întreagă colecție. Acest produs are rolul de a calma pielea sensibilă a buzelor și de a o proteja cu ajutorul factorului de protecție solară SPF 15 (primește o steluță aurie din partea mea). Am iubit acest produs și l-am folosit până la ultima picătură.

Beauty, Cosmetics, Empties

  • The eye contour cream from Naturalis - a European brand that my mom introduced me to a while back - was a very pleasant surprise for me. I can say that this product is like a hidden gem that awaits to be discovered. It was nice to see on the ingredients' list natural rose water that smelled divine, avocado oil, the coenzyme Q10, but also wheat proteins and hyaluronic acid. I loved, loved this product until its last drop, I would have wanted to last me forever, I felt my under eyes area so hydrated and radiant.

  • Crema contur ochi de la Naturalis s-a dovedit a fi o plăcută surpriză pentru mine. Mama mi-a făcut cunoștință cu acest brand care se găsește ce-i drept doar în unele farmacii de profil și mi-a plăcut foarte mult. Pot spune că acest produs este ca o piatră prețioasă ce așteaptă să fie descoperită. Am fost plăcut impresionată să descopăr pe lista de ingrediente, apa naturală de trandafir care miroase divin, ulei de avocado, coenzima Q10, dar și proteine din grâu și acid hialuronic. Am iubit acest produs până la ultima picătură și nu aș mai fi vrut să se termine, căci îmi simțeam zona ochilor hidratată și radiantă.

Moving on, let's see now what ”Body care” products I've used up.

Continuăm cu produsele consumate din categoria ”Îngrijirii corpului”.

Beauty, Cosmetics, Empties

  • The EKOS natura brasil body lotion with maracuja and pitanga was gifted to me by a  friend. This happened to be her favorite brand. She told me: ”Try this and you will see why I love it so much!” This brand was completely new to me so I had to do my research about it. I've found out that ”Natura Ekos is a range of body care products and perfumes directly inspired by the ancestral traditions of Brazilian populations. Natura Ekos - looks after yourself and the world around you.” Now I know why my friend loved this product so much - smells amazing - you just feel like you are in paradise, surrounded by exotic fruits, not to mention that the smell persists for days, hydrates well and it is very gentle on your skin. More paradise please!
  • This cooling gel from Titania - European brand from Germany - was a real blessing for my tired feet or just for cooling them down on a steamy day. Discovered in 2012, this is a product that I  keep repurchasing it. If you do not like menthol this product may not be for you, because it is very strong.
  • I have told you before - I am a big fan of the Degree deodorants (in Europe these are named ”Rexona”), I have been using them since I can remember. I know these are not the healthiest choice out there, but for me they are the only ones that did work well so far. A tube usually lasts me about a month and a half - two moths. I love the fact that it keeps my armpits dry and fresh, and I am always protected even when I am constantly working out, without any white marks on my clothing.
  • That blue Nivea tin can does not require any more details. We all know it, we all love it! I grew up with this product, you will always find it in my purse when I need to hydrate my hands, lips or elbows on-the-go.  
  • The I love ... lemon & limes body butter (European brand that you can find at Ulta) is deliciously amazing. I was always anxiously waiting to finish my bath to pamper myself with this product. Its rich, creamy, buttery texture hydrates deeply and leaves your skin soft for days, not to mention that those citrusy accords will charge and revitalize your senses right away. It is a well loved and repurchased product.
  • The Balea shaving foam with Argan oil, Mom sent it to me a while back from Europe, she knew I did love this product. You can only find it in DM, an European drugstore and it's a very good and affordable product. It does have a discreet smell, it was very gentle on my sensitive skin, has no harsh chemicals and lasted me a good amount of time (4 months). What I did not like about this product was the fact that the cap released too much foam at every use and this happened pretty much with every tube I have bought.

  • Am descoperit loțiunea de corp cu maracuja și pitanga de la EKOS natura brasil prin intermediul unei prietene. Îmi tot povestea cât de mult îi place acest brand și cât de minunate sunt produsele lor, și pentru că mă înnebunise cu aceste produse, m-a cadorosit și pe mine cu această loțiune. Fiind un produs complet nou pentru mine m-am documentat puțin și am aflat că acest brand lucrează îndeaproape cu comunitățile locale din Brazilia pentru a crea produse cu texturi și arome unice, totul bazându-se pe principiul dezvoltării durabile și al armoniei depline în co-existența om-natură. După ce am folosit acest produs, am înțeles și eu de ce e atât de lăudat: mirosul e absolut divin, parcă ești transportat într-o vacanță tropicală, să nu vă mai spun că persistă zile întregi, loțiunea pătrunde ușor în piele și hidratează tare bine.
  • Gelul răcoritor pentru picioare de la Titania m-a ajutat mult să-mi revitalizez picioarele obosite. Acest produs l-m descoperit în anul 2012 când am avut ocazia să îl testez pentru prima dată, și, de atunci a rămas printre favorite. Aflați mai multe despre acest produs citind această postare.
  • Cred că știți deja, eu sunt o mare fană a deodorantelor Rexona pe care le-am folosit de când mă știu. Cu atâtea arome la îndemână e și greu să te abții. Sunt conștientă că nu reprezintă cea mai sănătoasă metodă, dar, pentru mine aceste deodorante s-au dovedit a fi singurele care mi-au fost de real ajutor. Folosesc un deodorant cam într-o lună jumate-două luni. Ce îmi place la aceste produse este faptul că îmi asigură protecția și prospețimea de care am nevoie pe durata întregii zile în lupta împotriva transpirației, fără a lăsa urme albe; fac față chiar și unei sesiuni istovitoare de zumba.
  • Cutiuța albastră Nivea nu cred că mai are nevoie de nicio prezentare. O știm și o iubim cu toții. Eu am crescut cu acest produs, așa că o astfel de cutiuță vei găsi mereu la mine în geantă, pentru a-mi hidrata, după nevoie, mâinile, buzele sau coatele.
  • Untul de corp I love ... cu arome de lămâie și limes este de-a dreptul delicios. Mereu așteptam cu nerăbdare după fiecare baie momentul în care urma să-mi răsfăț simțurile cu acest produs. Consistența lui cremoasă hidratează în profunzime și lasă pielea fină, hidratată zile întregi, să nu mai spun de acele arome fructate care îți și încarcă și revitalizează simțurile de fată. Ce mai, un produs iubit pe care l-am tot cumpărat și cumpărat.
  • Spuma de ras cu ulei de Argan Balea a ajuns la mine prin intermediul mamei care știe că este un produs pe care l-am folosit cu regularitate când eram acasă. Pe lângă faptul că este un produs ieftin (aproximativ 8 lei, o găsiți la DM), nu conține siliconi, parabeni, uleiuri minerale sau coloranți, are un miros discret și este foarte delicată cu pielea mea sensibilă. M-a ținut o bună bucată de timp (4 luni). Ce nu mi-a plăcut la acest produs a fost faptul că nu se putea doza optim cantitatea de produs folosită, la fiecare aplicare ieșea prea multă spumă din tub (am pățit-o cu aproape fiecare tub folosit).

Let's continue with the ”Hand care” consumed products.

Să descoperim acum și câteva produse consumate din categoria ”Îngrijirii mâinilor”.  

Beauty, Cosmetics, Empties

  • As you can see from the picture above, Neutrogena really rocked my hand care routine. All three products did wonderfully for my dry hands, offering me a much needed long lasting hydration day-by-day. I really enjoyed the Neutrogena fast absorbing hand cream, its light texture and non greasy formula absorbed immediately into my skin, while the other two had a more concentrated formula, so you just need a tad of product, but you have to work it a little to get the cream into your skin.
  • The mini Protect & Perfect hand cream with SPF 15 from No. 7 (European brand that you can find it at Target) proved to be a great moisturiser that my hands really loved it. I really liked the fact that it does have built-in SPF 15. I am looking now to buy it at its regular size.

  • Așa cum veți putea observa din poza de mai sus, un brand care și-a spus cuvântul atunci când vine vorba despre rutina mea de îngrijire a mâinilor este Neutrogena. Toate cele trei creme m-au ajutat enorm, eu am mâinile foarte uscate, așa că mereu trebuie să fiu în gardă și să le hidratez corespunzător. Folosind aceste creme, mi-a fost oferită hidratare de lungă durată zi de zi. Preferata mea a fost varianta Neutrogena cremă de mâini cu absorbție rapidă, a cărei textură lejeră și formulă non-grasă s-au absorbit imediat în piele, lăsând-o catifelată și hidratată. Celelalte două variante au o formulă mai concentrată, așadar nu trebuie aplicată o cantitate mare de produs, formulă asupra căreia trebuie insistat a fi masată mai îndelung în piele.
  • Mostra cremei de mâini Protect & Perfect cu SPF 15 de la No. 7 s-a dovedit a fi un produs excelent pe care mâinile mele l-au iubit. O bilă albă pentru factorul de protecție solară pe care îl conține. Acum intenționez să o cumpăr în varianta normală.

I will end up this post with my ”Hair care” used up products.

În încheiere, câteva produse pentru ”Îngrijirea părului” consumate.

Beauty, Cosmetics, Empties

  • Here is another used up bottle of the the Anti Dandruff shampoo with Ichtyol from Gerovital Plant - Farmec, a Romanian product that I am so proud of, my ally in the battle against dandruff. I saw results from the first usage and it is now part of my hair care routine.
  • The Elseve Arginine Resist X3 shampoo and hair treatment conditioner from L'Oréal Paris worked beautifully with my Anti Dandruff shampoo from Farmec. This particular hair care range is dedicated to fragile hair with a fall tendency. I haven't been using the Elseve shampoos, my favorites since highschool, for a while now, because I am using their saloon professional range - Kerastase - but I must say these products surprised me in a pleasant way. I have noticed a visible improvement in my hair texture - fewer split ends, my hair got more hydrated and softer, easy to detangle, but also a visible reduction of the fallen hair at my daily combing.

  • Am mai terminat încă o sticluță a șamponului antimătreață cu ichtiol din gama Gerovital Plant de la Farmec - un produs pe care am ajuns să-l îndrăgesc și să-l folosesc regulat în lupta mea împotriva mătreții. Vă invit să citiți acest review, unde vă povestesc cum am ajuns să folosesc acest produs și vi-l prezint în detaliu.
  • Șamponul fortifiant și tratamentul pentru păr din noua gamă Elseve de la L'Oréal Paris - Arginine Resist X3 - au făcut casă bună cu șamponul antimătreață de la Farmec. Această gamă este dedicată părului fragil cu tendință de cădere. Nu mai folosisem de ceva vreme șampoanele Elseve, am trecut la varianta lor profesională, Kerastase, de altfel preferatele mele încă din perioada liceului, aceste produse m-au surprins într-un mod cât se poate de plăcut. Am observat o îmbunătățire vizibilă a texturii părului - mai puține vârfuri despicate, păr mai hidratat și mai moale, ușor de descurcat, dar și o diminuare vizibilă a firelor de păr căzute la pieptănarea zilnică.

I really hope you sticked around until the end of this long post. I am curious to find out if you did  try any of these products too. How did they work for you?

Sper că ați rezistat eroic până la finalul acestei lungi postări. Sunt curioasă dacă și voi ați încercat aceste produse sau măcar o parte dintre ele. S-au dovedit a fi pe placul vostru sau nu?

Yours,                                                                                               A voastră,
Rally                                                                                                 Rally

Friday, June 12, 2015

Hello everybody!

Today, I am going to take you with me in a virtual perfumed journey that will fill up your soul with joy and  you will wish it never ends. I am happy to report that I am back on the blog and I am planning to write here constantly, as I was writing before all this beautiful crazy career/ professional adventure has started a while ago.

If you read my blog, then you most likely know that I was dreaming about the Bath and Body Works products for long time, as they do not have any stores in my country and it was so hard to get them. I was waiting and waiting, you know what they say: ”Good things come for those who wait”, and finally when I moved to the States, I was able to get my hands on these amazing products.

So, over the past two years, I have developped a strong and steady relationship with this brand and I have a few products that I absolutely love. I was thinking to show them to you today, hoping that we'll share the same love and interest or this will help you make up your mind next time when you are planning to purchase some goodies from them.

Here are my top 5 products from Bath and Body Works that I love and recommend!

Bath and Body Works, body care, cosmetics

Let me tell you that I cannot imagine my bath without some bubbles. Oh, yes! Love me some bubbles! Now, before you call me spoiled or frivolous, let me tell you that this is my way to escape from a stressful day and collect my thoughts, meditate. I don't splurge very often, sometimes twice a week due to my busy schedule, so the daily shower routine is on the schedule, besides I like to be environmentally conscious and save up some water. When I do sit down in my tub and put those bubbles to work, that is my worry free zone.

My two absolute favorite bubble baths from Bath and Body Works are Japanesse Crerry Blossom and Paris Amour. These products are just great! They do make your baths magical, not to mention that the bubbles and the fragrance last throughout the entire bath, without fading away.

Bath and Body Works, body care, bubble bath, cosmetics

The Japanese Cherry Blossom bubble bath was the first product that I knew I am gonna get. When I was thinking about Bath and Body Works this product always, but always came to my mind. Using it for my bubble bath splurges, I was transported in a far away land, an intriguing and modern one, rich in history and traditions. I am planning to visit Japan one day, but for now I can dream a little about it.

The Paris Amour bubble bath was my second choice. When I entered in the Bath and Body Works store for the first time it was such a magical experience, I was running from product to product to smell them, to check them out, just like a thirsty bee for pollen (or just a crazy person!), but I could not decide which products to choose (you know me - such an undecisive Libra) and smelling the products seemed not to help. I wanted them all! Oh, my dear Paris! When you add a magical drop of this product to your bath, it's like a cute French guy take you by the hand and walks you through those chic Paris streets. You can smell the romance in the air. Oh, la la! This scent is so playful!

The fragrance mist Twilight Woods smells AMAZING! Yes, I know at this point it's an understatement to say this, but it was love at first smell that quickly became my go-to fragrance. This scent is so ME! Somehow recalls me of Autumn - the month when I was born - it reminds me of an oriental scent mixed with sweet memories, not to mention that every time I am wearing it, I receive so many compliments. I have a very sensitive skin and not all the scents do last on me, but this one is there the entire day.

Bath and Body Works, body care, fragrance mist, cosmetics

All these three products are part of the Bath and Body Works permanent collection, you may find that they are changing their packaging from time to time.

Let's discover some body lotions, shall we?

Bath and Body Works, body care, body lotion, cosmetics

The Tokyo Lotus and Apple Blossom body lotion came as a natural decision for purchasing after falling in love with the Japanese Cherry Blossom bubble bath. You can tell I am atracted to these Oriental scents. This body lotion feels so good on my skin, it hydrates well and the scent persists even after 3-4 days on my PJ's. It does smell so majestic and feels very luxurious on my skin. It's  like I am completely transported in the feudal ”Shogun” era where I am witnessing the passing of the inner and outer wisdom beauty ritual.

The Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber is another body lotion that I love. I don't know if you know this about me, but I am absolutely fascinated with the Moroccan culture and I would really want to experiment it closely. When I saw this product, I did not even think twice, I had to have it. So, moving towards the African grounds, its fruity-floral smell (given by the mixture of  Marrakesh orchid, but also sweet in the same time - apricots, amber, vanilla and fig) takes me to a fabulous trip to Morocco, where I get to unveil the beauty of this place, just like those beautiful Moroccan vails, it intrigues you, it challenges you to guess and dream and them step by step you get to see the whole beauty that was hiding underneath.

Unfortunately, these two last scents are not part of their permanent collection, but if do you see them, I am absolutely recommending you to buy them.

My dear readers, I thank you for being my travel companions and really hope you enjoyed as much as I did this perfumed journey.

Do you love Bath and Body Works products as much as I do? Which ones are your favorites?


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