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5 products from Bath and Body Works that I love (EN)

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Hello everybody!

Today, I am going to take you with me in a virtual perfumed journey that will fill up your soul with joy and  you will wish it never ends. I am happy to report that I am back on the blog and I am planning to write here constantly, as I was writing before all this beautiful crazy career/ professional adventure has started a while ago.

If you read my blog, then you most likely know that I was dreaming about the Bath and Body Works products for long time, as they do not have any stores in my country and it was so hard to get them. I was waiting and waiting, you know what they say: ”Good things come for those who wait”, and finally when I moved to the States, I was able to get my hands on these amazing products.

So, over the past two years, I have developped a strong and steady relationship with this brand and I have a few products that I absolutely love. I was thinking to show them to you today, hoping that we'll share the same love and interest or this will help you make up your mind next time when you are planning to purchase some goodies from them.

Here are my top 5 products from Bath and Body Works that I love and recommend!

Bath and Body Works, body care, cosmetics

Let me tell you that I cannot imagine my bath without some bubbles. Oh, yes! Love me some bubbles! Now, before you call me spoiled or frivolous, let me tell you that this is my way to escape from a stressful day and collect my thoughts, meditate. I don't splurge very often, sometimes twice a week due to my busy schedule, so the daily shower routine is on the schedule, besides I like to be environmentally conscious and save up some water. When I do sit down in my tub and put those bubbles to work, that is my worry free zone.

My two absolute favorite bubble baths from Bath and Body Works are Japanesse Crerry Blossom and Paris Amour. These products are just great! They do make your baths magical, not to mention that the bubbles and the fragrance last throughout the entire bath, without fading away.

Bath and Body Works, body care, bubble bath, cosmetics

The Japanese Cherry Blossom bubble bath was the first product that I knew I am gonna get. When I was thinking about Bath and Body Works this product always, but always came to my mind. Using it for my bubble bath splurges, I was transported in a far away land, an intriguing and modern one, rich in history and traditions. I am planning to visit Japan one day, but for now I can dream a little about it.

The Paris Amour bubble bath was my second choice. When I entered in the Bath and Body Works store for the first time it was such a magical experience, I was running from product to product to smell them, to check them out, just like a thirsty bee for pollen (or just a crazy person!), but I could not decide which products to choose (you know me - such an undecisive Libra) and smelling the products seemed not to help. I wanted them all! Oh, my dear Paris! When you add a magical drop of this product to your bath, it's like a cute French guy take you by the hand and walks you through those chic Paris streets. You can smell the romance in the air. Oh, la la! This scent is so playful!

The fragrance mist Twilight Woods smells AMAZING! Yes, I know at this point it's an understatement to say this, but it was love at first smell that quickly became my go-to fragrance. This scent is so ME! Somehow recalls me of Autumn - the month when I was born - it reminds me of an oriental scent mixed with sweet memories, not to mention that every time I am wearing it, I receive so many compliments. I have a very sensitive skin and not all the scents do last on me, but this one is there the entire day.

Bath and Body Works, body care, fragrance mist, cosmetics

All these three products are part of the Bath and Body Works permanent collection, you may find that they are changing their packaging from time to time.

Let's discover some body lotions, shall we?

Bath and Body Works, body care, body lotion, cosmetics

The Tokyo Lotus and Apple Blossom body lotion came as a natural decision for purchasing after falling in love with the Japanese Cherry Blossom bubble bath. You can tell I am atracted to these Oriental scents. This body lotion feels so good on my skin, it hydrates well and the scent persists even after 3-4 days on my PJ's. It does smell so majestic and feels very luxurious on my skin. It's  like I am completely transported in the feudal ”Shogun” era where I am witnessing the passing of the inner and outer wisdom beauty ritual.

The Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber is another body lotion that I love. I don't know if you know this about me, but I am absolutely fascinated with the Moroccan culture and I would really want to experiment it closely. When I saw this product, I did not even think twice, I had to have it. So, moving towards the African grounds, its fruity-floral smell (given by the mixture of  Marrakesh orchid, but also sweet in the same time - apricots, amber, vanilla and fig) takes me to a fabulous trip to Morocco, where I get to unveil the beauty of this place, just like those beautiful Moroccan vails, it intrigues you, it challenges you to guess and dream and them step by step you get to see the whole beauty that was hiding underneath.

Unfortunately, these two last scents are not part of their permanent collection, but if do you see them, I am absolutely recommending you to buy them.

My dear readers, I thank you for being my travel companions and really hope you enjoyed as much as I did this perfumed journey.

Do you love Bath and Body Works products as much as I do? Which ones are your favorites?


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