Friday, October 24, 2014

Hello everybody!

It's Friday and I am sure you have planned something fun for this weekend. Myself, I have a few things planned, I am just hoping that the weather will be much nicer, right now in Miami is quite gloomy and rainy. 

As you all may know, on the beautiful 16th of October I've turned (yet again!) 21 years old (who cares about my real age, deep down I still feel like 21) and I was fortunate enough to receive some cosmetic goodies. I know you all love HAUL posts, personally these kind of posts are my favorites, so I was thinking to show you what I have received and I spoiled on.

By all means, I don't want to brag about these gifts, so if you don't like this type of articles, please do not read mine. 

Even though I was working that day, I had so many wonderful moments that I will keep deep in my heart and cherish for ever. My colleagues surprised me with sweet treats and sang me ”Happy Birthday”, my fiancé expected me with dinner and gifts and I received so many beautiful and kind messages from all over the world, friends and family that I am so fortunate to have in my life. During the weekend I received more gifts and I couldn't be hapier.  I am so grateful for everything that is happening in my life!

Let's get down to the goodies, shall we? 

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I was so excited about this gift that my fiancé surprised me with - I absolutely love these sets from Sephora called ”Sephora Favorites”. I actually have last year's edition too of the ”Give Me More Lip” set and I am planning to review both sets for you soon on the blog. This set is the absolute perfect gift for any lipstick lover out there. On this occasion, I received the mini-treats set from Make Up For Ever and three samples.

The Revlon Lip Butter lipstick has quite a story. I have been wanting this shade ”Berry Smoothie” for a while, but somehow I couldn't find it. It happened that I was at my local Wal-Mart for a quick, last minute shopping trip a few days before my birthday and I saw the shade and wanted to buy it, but he scolded me that I already have so many lipsticks (and he is ABSOLUTELY right!), that I don't need it, so I felt guilty and didn't buy it. I didn't realize at that time that he was carefully planning something.

When he gave me the gift, I could not believe it - the Revlon Lip Butter was there. I was so happy, I was hopping like a kid (my absolute normal and natural reaction when I receive lipsticks). Be careful ladies, your partners are paying much more attention that we might think!

beauty HAUL, Sephora, Paula's Choice, Elf, Tarte, Revlon

If you want to see what's inside on the Sephora's Give me More Lip set, here's a sneak peek:

beauty HAUL, Sephora, Paula's Choice, Elf, Tarte, Revlon

My very good friend from New York, Mădălina, sent me a surprise package for my birthday full of European sweet goodies, among them my absolute favorite Milka chocolate which is so hard to find here in the US, makeup from Elf and Tarte and a gorgeous pair of earrings. The sweets are not to be seen in the picture down below, because all were quickly devoured. She quite spoiled me, I was not at all expecting so many things. Thank you so much my sweet friend!

Also in the picture down below you are going to see a purple satin pouch full with Tarte sample goodies. Funny story - I've met this pretty lady at work and she was wearing a gorgeous lipstick, so I had to ask her about it. She was so nice and she told me that the lipstick was from Tarte. We talked about cosmetics and beauty, I told her that I have a beauty blog, she told me that she's a Tarte representative and gave me these goodies to try. I was so happy, especially because I haven't tried so many Tarte products!

beauty HAUL, Sephora, Paula's Choice, Elf, Tarte, Revlon

Last, but not least I spoiled myself with some good skin care, so this was a gift from me with love to me. 
I have been reading about these products for the past two years now, I have even tried some samples and I have decided that it is time to purchase them. 

I have just finished my toner and, even though I still use micellar lotion, I really wanted to try this new product from the Resist range - the Weightless Advanced Repairing Toner. From the Resist range I have also chosen the 2% BHA exfoliant - Daily Pore-Refining Treatment

My last skin care pick was a face cream, I wanted to try a new one that has SPF, something light, something suitable for my sensitive combination skin. This face cream has so many positive reviews that I have decided to buy it - it is the Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex (with SPF 30)

They had an offer where I received a sample of the Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum for free and I also got to choose 5 free samples. Besides all these, I also received Paula's book ”20 Beauty Myths Busted!” that I can't wait to read and tell you about it.

If you are interested to try Paula's Choice products too, I have a $10 off coupon (click), good for your first order,
as a new Paula's Choice customer.


Let me know if you enjoyed this haul and if you want to find out more about the products that I have just showed you!


Friday, October 3, 2014

Hello everybody! Bună tuturor!

As we enter in a new month - my favorite Autumn month - October - it is time for me to show you another ”beauty empties” post. As you can see from the picture down below, I have used up quite a few beauty items, a mix between European and American products, that I can't wait to share them with you.

Începem luna Octombrie cu o nouă postare din seria ”produselor consumate”. După cum veți putea observa din poza de mai jos, s-au strâns suficiente produse care așteaptă să vă capteze atenția. Așa cum v-am obișnuit, vă voi prezenta un mix de produse europene și americane pe care le-am folosit până la ultima picătură.

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Let's begin with the ”Face and lip care” section and see my used up cosmetics!

Să începem cu ”Îngrijirea feței și a buzelor” și să vedem produsele consumate!

Beauty, Cosmetics, Empties

  • The Aqua Treatment Balancing Toner from Capra Nera - oh, how much did I love this product. Capra Nera is a European brand made in Switzerland. This product wowed me completely and I have used it until its last drop, one of the best toners I have used so far. It was perfect for my sensitive combination skin. Believe it or not this product lasted me a whole year and I was using it daily.
  • The Sébium Global face cream from Bioderma - helped me to bring my sensitive combination skin to a certain ”normality”. I loved using this product, as you can see I have already finished two tubes. I have saved in my blog's drafts the review for this face cream, so stay tuned this month for the review. 
  • Another product from Bioderma that I love is the Mattifying Sun Fluid Photoderm AKN Mat with SPF 30 - my every day go-to face cream which I have mentioned it in the 5 SPF cosmetics to consider for fall and winter” article here on the blog and I am planning to review it for you guys soon.
  • As you all know already, my guilty pleasure are the lip products, so, yes, I have a ton of lip balms too. One of my favorites is Nivea Hydro Care, this is such a smooth product, it feels so light on the lips and provides long lasting hydration. It is perfect as a lipstick base too. Be careful with the lip balms, you might get addicted! Here is an old article on my blog about lip balm addiction - read it - ”Are you addicted to lip balm?”.
  • Loțiunea tonică din gama Aqua Treatment de la Capra Nera - a fost un produs iubit și folosit până la ultimul strop, un produs de care am fost foarte mulțumită, pot spune - cea mai bună loțiune tonică folosită până acum. Acest produs spornic mi-a reîmprospătat și revitalizat tenul sensibil și mixt. Poate nu o să vă vină să credeți ceea ce vă voi spune, dar acest produs, deși folosit zilnic m-a ținut 1 an de zile (da, ați citit bine!). Dacă sunteți curioși să aflați mai multe despre produsele Capra Nera din gama Aqua Treatment, vă invit să citiți acest review.  
  • Crema de față Sébium Global de la Bioderma - m-a ajutat să-mi readuc tenul sensibil și mixt la normalitate. După cum vedeți am consumat deja 2 tuburi. Îmi propun de ceva vreme să vă vorbesc despre acest produs, am salvat pe blog review-ul care va apărea publicat în această lună. 
  • Crema de față Photoderm AKN Mat cu SPF 30 de la Bioderma - este crema de care nu mă lipsesc nici măcar o zi. V-am mai povestit despre ea pe scurt în postarea intitulată 5 SPF cosmetics to consider for fall and winterși îmi propun să vi-o prezint mai în detaliu pe blog cât de curând.
  • Știți deja că plăcerea mea vinovată se referă la produsele pentru buze. Pentru mine îngrijirea acestora e sfântă așa că nu-mi lipsește balsamul de buze. Unul dintre preferatele mele este Nivea Hydro Care - un balsam care se simte atât de fin, delicat și ușor pe buze, dar care oferă o hidratare de durată. Este perfect și ca bază pentru aplicarea rujului. Aveți grijă însă cu balsamurile de buze, se poate ajunge foarte ușor la adicție. Vă las link-ul unui articol mai vechi, citiți-l să vedeți dacă și voi sunteți dependente de balsamul de buze  -Are you addicted to lip balm?.

Let's continue with the ”Hair care” section!
Continuăm cu produsele pentru ”Îngrijirea părului”consumate.

Beauty, Cosmetics, Empties

  • In my search for a good shampoo that can bring my curls back (long live humidity!) and get me rid off frizz and dandruff (long live hard water!), I have bought a lot of products, I have 5 opened shampoos, but none of those helped me as I expected. I managed to finish this Moisture Renewal shampoo from Pantente, a product that offered me hydration, but did not wowed me.
  • I have found my ally in the battle against dandruff in a Romanian product that I am so proud of - the Anti Dandruff shampoo with Ichtyol from Gerovital Plant - Farmec - I saw results from the first usage and it is now part of my hair care routine.

  • În această perioadă am început să folosesc mai multe șampoane (am vreo 5 șampoane încercate, nu exagerez!) în căutarea celui care mă va scăpa de mătreață și a-mi oferi buclele de odinioară. Am reușit să termin acest șampon de la Pantene - Moisture Renewal - un șampon ok, mi-a oferit hidratare părului, dar nu m-a dat pe spate.
  • Șamponul antimătreață cu ichtiol din gama Gerovital Plant de la Farmec - nu mai are nevoie de nicio prezentare. I-am făcut un review detaliat pe blog, pe care vă invit să-l citiți.

The last used up products are the ”Body and nail care” ones. Let's see what I've got!

Ultimele produse pe care vi le voi prezenta sunt cele din categoria ”Îngrijirii corpului și a unghiilor”.

Beauty, Cosmetics, Empties

  • I was able to finish this humongous body lotion with Shea Butter from Jergens - and let me tell you that I was very impressed with it. I absolutely love this product - it deeply moisturizes and provides long lasting hydration, has a wonderful smell and, on top of this, it is also very affordable. On my next trip to my local Walmart this product will certainly be in my shopping cart.
  • The green tea lemon shower gel from Sephora is one of my favorites and I had to stock up a little. I have thrown away a few used up bottles before I was ready to post this article. This is the last one, I am recommending this product to you too, its fresh scent will revive your senses every time you'll use it.
  • When I want to relax myself after a long day at work, I always go to my Japanese Cherry Blossom bubble bath from Bath and Body Works - I have been lusting for this product for a while now and, as soon as I arrived in the US, I did buy it - it has exceeded all my expectations - this product smells divine, makes you thinking of the far away Japan, modern and futuristic, full of color and mystery, which I would love to visit one day.
  • I haven't use in quite some time the Lady Speed Stick deodorants, I am a big fan of the Degree deodorants, but this particular one with wild freesia made a nice impression on me - it lasted me forever (3 months and a half used daily), did not leave white marks on my clothes, my armpits were always dry and protected against the sweat. 
  • I have also used the mini version (50 ml, 1.69 fl.oz.) of the Berganot Body Butter from Boots (UK brand, you can find these products at Target, Boots/ No.7). I used this product for my hands and heels, I did love it, smells so good, goes easily into your skin and offers a long lasting hydration.
  • My last used up product is a product dedicated for nail care - the 4 in 1 complete care from Flormar (a Turkish cosmetic brand). This product is a smoothning base coat, powerful strengthener, growth treatment and shiny top coat, which helped my nails a lot. I do love it, besides that, it is very affordable (aproximately $3, unfortunately you can't find these products in the US).
  • Am reușit să termin uriașa loțiune de corp cu Unt de Shea de la Jergens - un produs de care am rămas plăcut impresionată și am fost foarte mulțumită - hidratează în profunzime, oferă o hidratare de durată, are un miros minunat și, în plus este foarte accesibilă ca preț. Cu siguranță, acest produs se va mai regăsi în coșul meu de cumpărături.
  • Gelul de duș cu ceai verde și lămâie de la Sephora este preferatul meu de ceva vreme, așa că am avut un mic stoc de geluri de duș. Să tot fi aruncat câteva ambalaje până am ajuns să scriu această postare. Cert este că acesta e ultimul, vi-l recomand și vouă, e fresh și vă va revigora simțurile pe dată cu fiecare utilizare.
  • Momentul meu de răsfăț după o zi grea de muncă nu se poate concepe fără un spumant de baie cu arome jucăușe, iar acest produs cu floare de cireș japoneză de la Bath and Body Works s-a aflat pe lista mea de ceva vreme. Așteptarea a meritat, căci mi-a depășit expectanțele - miroase divin te poartă cu gândul la îndepărtata Japonie, modernă și futuristă, plină de culoare și mister, pe care mi-ar plăcea să o vizitez într-o bună zi.
  • Deodorantul stick Lady Speed Stick cu frezie sălbatică a fost o surpriză plăcută pentru mine. Nu mai folosisem acest brand de foarte multă vreme, eu sunt fan Rexona și am vrut să-l încerc. Pe lângă faptul că m-a ținut o veșnicie (3 luni jumătate cu utilizare zilnică!), nu a lăsat urme albe și am avut mereu subrațul uscat și protejat împotriva transpirației.
  • Varianta mini (50 ml) a untului de corp cu extract de bergamotă de la Boots am folosit-o pentru îngrijirea mâinilor și a călcâielor. Miroase extraordinar, pătrunde ușor în piele și oferă o hidratare de durată.
  • Ultimul produs este unul pentru îngrijirea unghiilor - tratamentul 4 în 1 de la Flormar (acționează ca și bază, întăritor pentru unghii, tratament pentru creșterea unghiilor și top coat) - un produs care mi-a plăcut și mi-a ajutat mult unghiile, costă doar 10 lei și atât vă spun, merită încercat.

These were my used up beauty products. I would love to know if you have used one of these products or what would you be curious to try from what I have presented here.

Acestea au fost produsele consumate de mine. Mi-ar plăcea să știu dacă și voi ați folosit vreunul dintre aceste produse sau care dintre ele v-ar tenta să le încercați.

Yours,                                                                                                       A voastră,
Rally                                                                                                         Rally

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