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5 SPF cosmetics to consider for fall and winter (EN)

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Hello everybody!

Even though in some parts of the world the fall season has arrived and you definitely enjoy seeing those rusty leaves, wearing comfy sweaters or cool boots, there is one thing that you should not forget about - SPF. I know what you are thinking right now: ”Why should I wear a SPF product when the sun is barely there?” My recommendation would be to NEVER stop using SPF, no matter that it's spring, summer, autumn or winter. If you want to have a nice, healthy skin, use SPF, because the sun damages your skin every single day from the moment you were born and this is the skin you were given with for the rest of your life, so take good care of it. It is useless to buy expensive makeup products and put them on your face, if your base was built wrong. It is like you want to put windows to your new house, but the walls are so thin, that cannot support all that heavy hardware and eventually everything will fall apart.

Did you know that ”skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime? Melanoma accounts for six percent of cancer cases in 15-19 years old teens. Melanoma is the most common form of cancer for young adults 25-29 years old and the second most common form of cancer for young people 15-29 years old. Also, one person dies of melanoma every hour (every 57 minutes).”

SPF, face and body care

I must confess, I wasn't a person who used SPF daily and I regret the fact that I did not inform myself properly regarding this importat aspect. As I discovered the beauty blogs a while back, I start researching about the ingredients found in cosmetics, I learned about the importance of the daily usage of SPF, I started giving much more attention to my skin care routine. I am so grateful for all these learned things, because they truly can make a difference in your life.

Today I am going to show you 5 SPF cosmetics that are good for the next seasons too, not just for summer. I repeat it again: no matter that you live in a tropical climate or a cold or temperate climate, USE SPF DAILY. Wheather you are going to pick up your favorite pizza, do groceries, plan a vacation on a tropical island, or skiing on a mountain, use SPF!

SPF, face and body care

To justify my choices shown above, I must tell you that my skin is very fair, sensitive, I have freckles and moles and I live in a tropical climate with sun exposure pretty much year round, so a higher SPF product helps protecting my skin better.
I have chosen two spray type body care with SPF products, two cream type body care with SPF products and a product for face.

From L-R: 
  • The ”Invisible mist” Photoderm Bronz with SPF 50 from Bioderma - is my absolute favorite. It's very easy and convenient to apply. Its light, non greasy, non sticky, high protection formula makes it perfect for my outoors activities, besides this is a hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, water resistant product.
  • The ”Transparent Sun Spray” with SPF 50 from Eucerin - this spray type body care product has a very nice texture that is easily absorbed into the skin. It is water resistant and has a non sticky formula. This product does contain alcohol, but my body skin tolerated it well. I like to use it in my  outdoors activities. 
  • The ”Sun Creme-Gel” Allergy Protection with 25 SPF from Eucerin - it is perfect for my daily activities, when I am not exposing my skin in the sun too much. Its creme-gel texture is easily to apply and very well absorbed into the skin. This is a specially designed product for people who suffer from sun allergies. I absolutely love it.  
  • The ”Baby Sunscreen Lotion” with 50 SPF Broad Spectrum from Equate - I know it is a product for babies, but works well on my skin too. This very affordable lotion is water resistant and hypoallergenic. I like using this product when I know I will be outside for a longer time, I do like it, but tends to be sticky from time to time.
  • The ”Mattyfying fluid” Photoderm AKN Mat with 30 SPF from Bioderma - is my go-to face cream with SPF. This cream hydrates, mattyfies, protects my sensitive combination skin. It is water resistant and parabens free. I am planning to review this face cream soon on my blog.

    These were my choices. Of course, you can lower or increase your SPF index, according to your skin needs and choose the brands that you love.

Remember to:
- pick up those products that offer you a broad spectrum protection against the sun
- buy products with ingrediensts that do not harm your skin
- apply the products in a generous amount (the size of a quarter) at least 20 minutes before sun exposure (going outside) 
- reapply after 2-3 hours if you are doing outdoor activities, you are swimming or you sweat.

Do you use SPF on a daily basis? Which SPF products are your favorites?


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