Monday, August 3, 2015

My summer essentials | 2015 (EN)

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Hello everybody!

As we are welcoming a new summer month, August, I was thinking that it is time to show you my summer essentials. It was extremely hard for me to choose from a bunch of products that I use on a daily basis (hey, I am an undecisive Libra, cut me some slack here!), but I named this post ”summer essentials” not for nothing and I am planning to stick to those ”essentials”.

Summer essentials, cosmetics

  • Zico Premium Coconut Water - it is my favorite drink this summer. I love the fact that it is such a refreshing and healthy drink (650 mg potassium and only 90 calories per bottle). My favorite flavors are Pineapple and Watermelon Raspberry. Don't forget to always stay hydrated!
  • Now remember, I like to stay hydrated inside my body, but what about outside? This Evian facial spray quickly became my favorite, it helps me keep my face hydrated, fresh and purified, not to mention that it is great for fixing my make-up, or help me calm my iritated skin after shaving my legs. The Evian natural mineral water benefits from a balanced mineral content, it's pH neutral and works great on my sensitive combination skin. As a matter of fact I am using it as we speak.
  • Maybe you remember the Paula's Choice Hydraligh Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex (with SPF 30) face cream from my birthday haul, when, after reading so many good reviews about this product, I've decided to purchase it. I am congratulating myself for this decision, because I absolutely love this face cream. Its light texture absorbs easily into my skin, keeping it hydrated, shine-free and protected against the sun every day. It does not apply with stripes and does not makes my skin even whiter, like a ghost, as it happened to me before using other creams that had built in SPF, my skin is smooth and radiant, long story short, it is just perfect for my sensitive combination skin.
  • For my body, I like to use the Bioderma ”Invisible mist” Photoderm Bronz with SPF 50. I have tried many products in order to protect my body against the sun damage as I have a very fair skin complexion that burns easily, many moles, freckles, so to me SPF 50 and higher is a must. No product worked as great as this one! It does apply so easy and convenient, it has a discreet smell, does not contain alcohol as many sun-protecting products do (hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic) and has a light, non greasy, non sticky formula that absorbs easily into my skin. Not only my skin is hydrated, but it does offer me that piece of mind knowing my skin is safe and protected against the sun. I am using it all year long, as you may read my post about protecting your skin in the fall and winter too.
  • Last, but not least - my favorite lip product this summer is the Tarte Lip Surgence lip gloss in the shade ”Flush”, that I have received it in my FabFitFun box. It was hard to choose from so many great products, you know my addiction  passion for lip products, but this lip gloss is just perfect for summer. It does have the perfect pink shade that matches perfectly my skin tone, it gives me a pop of color with a subtle shine, the formula  is a bit tacky, but feels very comfortable on my lips and lasts on me for more than three hours, which is great for a lip gloss. I also love the fact that my lips stay hydrated and soft when I am wearing this product. I just love my ”Flush” lip gloss!

Now that you've seen my summer essentials, tell me about yours! Which are those products you've been using the most this summer?


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